The Famous “Mardis de Grand-Case”

The Famous “Mardis de Grand-Case”

One of the main highlights in French Saint Martin is “Mardis de Grand Case”

This year the event begins on February 5th 2019 and runs for 8 consecutive weeks.

The weekly festivities takes place in the renowned culture-rich village of Grand Case . Mardis de Grand Case is a local street fair which involves activities such as local arts and crafts set in an atmosphere filled with music and a variety of food and drink.

One may even consider the festivities as a warm up to carnival on the French Side of Saint Martin which begins 17 February and ends 06 March 2019.

The main Boulevard de Grand Case is lined with vendors of all sorts, not forgetting the combination of culinary treats which have helped the island to earn its name as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean.

It is a family affair so bring out the kids and be ready to explore a more upbeat side to the local village of Grand Case which is a national treasure as Saint Martin’s local heritage and cuisine are celebrated and preserved in the small town.

At Mardis de Grand Case, both visitors and locals mingle together at the street fair until late and are back again for more each and every week, somewhat extending the celebratory carnival season on the French Side.

If you are visiting Saint Martin this month be sure to add Mardis de Grand Case on your to-do list and come experience one of the best block parties held in Saint Martin.

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